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So Leaf promote the Nissan Canada

I leave this nice Nissan Leaf promotional video, fresh from Canadian soil. No I tell you that it will remove non-grace.

January 12, 2011 at 09:55 Give us your opinion about that new

As a Nissan factory Leaf

Nissan wants to keep the media attention around its new 100% electric model, Nissan Leaf, and the latest proposal from Japan's brand (although we could almost say the French alliance with Renault) has been to expose a video in which you can see the car manufacturing process in Japanese Oppama plant (on the same assembly line as the Nissan Cube, Nissan and Nissan Note Juke).

A 5-minute video duracción very interesting hot and recommended for anyone who has in mind in the months to buy a Nissan Leaf.

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