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The fast electrical charge reaches the German highway

E. ON has announced that he is "beginning to install fast charging stations for electric cars on German motorways." According to the multinational, "the electricity used at these points will be generated by renewable energy and shall exclusively own hydroelectric E. ON". The first of these stations has just opened in Bavaria, southern Germany.

With a load capacity of up to fifty kilowatts (50 kW), the new points allow electric cars charged in just 20 or 30 minutes. According to the press note released by E. ON, "charging stations used until now took up to six hours to fully charge a battery with capacity of 3.5 kW". The new points are based on CHAdeMOL protocol, an international standard that allows for recharging electric vehicles already available in Germany. Among the cars that can be charged with this system include iMiEV Mitsubishi, Peugeot iOn, the Citroen C-Zero and in the future, Nissan Leaf.

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