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Google updates its fleet of electric cars for its employees

As part of its initiative to reduce emissions of its employees, Google updated its fleet of electric cars, or Gfleet, with the new Leaf Nissan and Chevy Volt. This is just a new phase of a project born in 2007, when there was no electric cars, so that started with the Toyota Prius and a battery was installed A123 Hymotion to demonstrate that the technology was viable electric charge.

Gfleet is a service designed for Googlers can leave the Googleplex to run errands or other things without having to use your car. The idea is to encourage the use of buses provided by Google employees, who use biodiesel technology. The buses carrying workers to the Google campus, and if this is added the option of taking a car to leave during the day, there would need to go in the car itself. The new phase of the program includes 30 new cars, available for all employees to use them.

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