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The Nissan Leaf elected Car of the Year in New York

The Hall of New York has already begun, and among the many novelties introduced has been somewhat relegated to the election of the World Car of the Year 2011, which said in English would be something like World Car of The Year.

As we already explained, this new award does not mean a higher stage in the recognition that the press performed on the new vehicle market, as is done every year in Europe, Japan and the United States. But it is a prize that has found a place and relevance to add the word World to its title.

Having said that, we must return to announce that the prize of the choice is, once again, the Nissan Leaf. And I say again because this electric model has already been made ​​of the European Car of the Year and was a finalist for the U.S. version. For the first time in history, a winning car in the old continent is also enshrined in the United States, becoming a record that can hardly be surpassed in the coming years.

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