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10 things you probably did not know the Nissan Leaf

At some point in our lives we have complained about the cost of gasoline and it is time to think green. Here are 10 reasons to convince you that you're taking the right decision for you and the environment.

# 10: It is made from recycled water bottles
In fact, 60 percent of the plastic inside the Leaf is coming from recycled water bottles. At the end of the life of the Leaf, 99 percent of vehicle weight 3.375 lbs is recyclable and can be converted back into water bottles or new Leafs.

# 9: The batteries are warranted for 100,000 miles
All batteries degrade over time, but Leaf battery is made of lithium-ion battery and comes with a warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles. Nissan estimates, even after a decade of use, Leaf batteries could sustain 70 to 80 percent capacity and are fully recyclable.

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