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The first electric taxi Spain created with the objective of reducing costs

The first electric taxi hundred percent in Spain, a Nissan Leaf, leading San José Roberto today through the streets of Valladolid, arises from the need to cut costs, according to the taxi driver said.

"He has lost a lot of work and costs are increasing. The biggest expense we have is in gasoline. With this car, spending on gasoline is zero. Here, the expense is a dollar in electricity consumption per hundred kilometers" , San Jose has been suggested in the presentation of the vehicle.

In this regard, has recognized that there is also a saving in "maintenance", which is reduced "almost to zero."

In this sense, the driver Valladolid considered during the presentation alongside the Millennium Dome, where there is installed a charging station, which allegedly "has to give less damage than a combustion engine."

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The fast electrical charge reaches the German highway

E. ON has announced that he is "beginning to install fast charging stations for electric cars on German motorways." According to the multinational, "the electricity used at these points will be generated by renewable energy and shall exclusively own hydroelectric E. ON". The first of these stations has just opened in Bavaria, southern Germany.

With a load capacity of up to fifty kilowatts (50 kW), the new points allow electric cars charged in just 20 or 30 minutes. According to the press note released by E. ON, "charging stations used until now took up to six hours to fully charge a battery with capacity of 3.5 kW". The new points are based on CHAdeMOL protocol, an international standard that allows for recharging electric vehicles already available in Germany. Among the cars that can be charged with this system include iMiEV Mitsubishi, Peugeot iOn, the Citroen C-Zero and in the future, Nissan Leaf.

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15 new luxury features Leaf

The Leaf is a car that is characterized by kindness to the environment to be electric and not depend on fuel.

Some ecological features of this vehicle are:

1. Zero emissions, it has no escape.

2. It does not use fuel, so it is not dependent on oil.

3. Over 90% of recycled parts make up the Nissan LEAF, as in the case of seats or areas of the board.

4. The operating cost is much lower LEAF Nissan to hybrid vehicles, diesel or gasoline.

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