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Latest news about Nissan Leaf

Leaf initiated Nissan 100% delivery of electricity in the United Kingdom

Nissan began in the United Kingdom delivery of its first 100% electric vehicles Nissan Leaf mass produced, an economy car and family. Smooth FM DJ Mark Goodier and electronic engineer Richard Todd took delivery of the first Nissan Glyn Hopkin Nissan Leaf in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire. This revolutionary moment represents the beginning of Nissan's vision of sustainable mobility lead to the mass market in the UK, they said. DJ Mark Goodier's Smooth FM Radio has been driving electric vehicles in the last decade. "The great thing about electric vehicles is that the distribution of fuel and is everywhere.

We all have electricity at home and at work. Governments are already working on the installation of thousands of recharging points fast on the roads. You can see why electric vehicles make sense, especially in towns and cities. The Leaf is an excellent vehicle for its size for the whole family with a range of 100 miles, much more than what most drivers do in a day. It's everything that people like me who have been driving electric vehicles for a long time, have been waiting for.

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Nissan starts selling in Japan Leaf

Monday December 20 has begun selling the Leaf Nissan in Japan. I leave the EFE news:

Nissan Motor today began officially selling in Japan its new electric sedan Leaf, vehicle was elected European Car of the Year in 2011, company sources said.

The price of Nissan Leaf, the first all-electric vehicle from the Japanese company to be mass produced, will be 3.76 million yen (34,000 euros).

A spokesman told Efe Nissan Motor in Japan have already made reservations to purchase 6,000 units of Nissan Leaf that the company expects to sell this year through its dealers Nipponese.

The Leaf, which means leaf in English, refers to the commitment to the environment of Nissan, which has focused on developing a zero emission vehicle compared to the hybrid Toyota Prius, the bestselling car in Japan for over a year.

Nissan's vehicle, which is already marketed in the United States has an electricity costs nearly eight times smaller than a gasoline engine and without producing any CO2 emissions.

The car, which has a capacity for up to five passengers, operates on a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor that can reach a range of up to 200 kilometers.

Nissan has installed 2,200 points of cargo at its dealerships in Japan, of which 200 are equipped with fast-loading facilities that will complete 80% of battery capacity in half an hour Leaf.

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It has delivered the first Nissan Leaf

Yesterday was the day that has been delivered in the U.S. (California) the first Nissan Leaf worldwide. For this Nissan has assembled a great event as you can see in the picture below.

Without doubt, this is an important step in moving towards a greener and more sustainable future.

el primer Leaf entregado (13 images)

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As a Nissan factory Leaf

Nissan wants to keep the media attention around its new 100% electric model, Nissan Leaf, and the latest proposal from Japan's brand (although we could almost say the French alliance with Renault) has been to expose a video in which you can see the car manufacturing process in Japanese Oppama plant (on the same assembly line as the Nissan Cube, Nissan and Nissan Note Juke).

A 5-minute video duracción very interesting hot and recommended for anyone who has in mind in the months to buy a Nissan Leaf.

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Nissan Leaf - Car of the Year 2011

A jury of 58 motor journalists around the world has chosen the Nissan Leaf "Car of the Year 20011" followed by the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, leaving third place to the Opel Meriva.

Some of the other candidates were C3/DS3 Citroen, Dacia Duster, C-Max/Grand Ford C-Max, Volvo S60/V60 ...

COTY President Europe, Hakan Matson said: "The jury acknowledged that the LEAF is the watershed Nissan electric cars. LEAF is the first Nissan electric vehicle that can match in many respects to conventional cars"

From ClubNissanLeaf congratulate Nissan for their hard work and important step in the history of the automobile as the introduction of electric cars in our lives.

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