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Latest news about Nissan Leaf

Audi A8, BMW 5 Series and Nissan Leaf finalists in the World Car of the Year

In a press conference organized by Bridgestone and the New York International Auto Show at the current Geneva Motor Show, there were twelve cars finalists for World Car of the Year, World Performance Car (the car better performance), the World Green Car (car more environmentally friendly) and the World Car Design.

Once again, as happened with the European Car of the Year, the Nissan Leaf was selected to participate in the final instance, but considering that it took that prize in its latest edition, it would not be surprised to lose to any of its two rivals. The new Japanese model will have to deal with two heavyweights of the automotive market, such as the Audi A8 and the BMW 5 Series. Out of the final selection were the Audi A1, the Volvo S60 and the new BMW X3 and others.

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Japan National Activity conditions

Toyota has announced that days before the disaster sent a ship with supplies to Europe to assure their stock for at least five weeks. Manufactures Nissan Qashqai and the Juke, its most popular models in the United Kingdom, while Honda Mazda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki do not include delivery problems in its European stores, but must take into account the evolution of the reconstruction work in affected areas.

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Nissan is betting on the toughness and innovation

In 2011 Nissan breaks with established and start the year with unique in previously unexplored categories such as the Murano crossover cabriolet and Nissan Leaf zero-emission car, which will arrive this year.

Along with innovation and creativity that represent the models, the Japanese strongly push the category of utility vehicles or "off-road." For what they have booked the Pro-4X, among which are the pick-up Frontier, Titan and Xterra SUV, said Juan Santana, director of Nissan commercial in Puerto Rico.

Santana said that these changes reflect the shift in preferences has taken the public.

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Leaf Nissan electric car world's most awarded

The Nissa Leaf has become the electric car that has won more awards around the world. A couple of weeks ago we announced that this model was the winner of European Car of the Year 2011, where he competed against more than 40 cars and became the first electric car to win this award.

Now the Leaf is among three finalists to win the American Auto 2011 and experts say it is the team to beat. The winner of this contest will be announced on 10 January at the North American International Auto Show.

To no surprise stop this electric car:

  • Was within the Ward's 10 Best Engines "s Auto World
  • It was one of 10 most innovative products in the magazine Popular Mechanics
  • He won the Japan Good Design
  • Won the Green Car of the Year from Motor Trend magazine in China
  • We were awarded top honors in the prize ECOBEST 2010 Pan European

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10 things you probably did not know the Nissan Leaf

At some point in our lives we have complained about the cost of gasoline and it is time to think green. Here are 10 reasons to convince you that you're taking the right decision for you and the environment.

# 10: It is made from recycled water bottles
In fact, 60 percent of the plastic inside the Leaf is coming from recycled water bottles. At the end of the life of the Leaf, 99 percent of vehicle weight 3.375 lbs is recyclable and can be converted back into water bottles or new Leafs.

# 9: The batteries are warranted for 100,000 miles
All batteries degrade over time, but Leaf battery is made of lithium-ion battery and comes with a warranty of eight years or 100,000 miles. Nissan estimates, even after a decade of use, Leaf batteries could sustain 70 to 80 percent capacity and are fully recyclable.

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