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LEAF Nissan: Nissan has 100 reservations for the LEAF in Spain

You have landed at the port of Barcelona the first units of Nissan LEAF intended for sale. They are the first 60 units that come to our market to meet customer demand of LEAF, awaiting the first owners of tourism 100% electric mass production, winner of the European Car of the Year in 2011.

Nearly a hundred customers have already made their Spanish pre-booking. The first units were delivered in September in the cities of the first launch phase, where Nissan has signed agreements with local governments. These cities are Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valladolid and Bilbao. During the month of August and can be tested in demonstration units authorized Nissan dealer for the sale of electric vehicles.

On the website of Nissan interested can place their orders. The price of LEAF, with batteries included, is 29,950 euros, this price also includes financial support offered by the Government.

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The classification obtained Nissan LEAF 5 star NCAP

The 100% electric vehicle Nissan LEAF scored five stars in the overall vehicle safety as part of the New Car Assessment (NCAP, for its acronym in English) of the National Highway Transportation Safety ( National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, NHTSA). The Nissan LEAF is the first all-electric vehicle to obtain this high honor for the program.

Beginning with 2011 models, NHTSA introduced evidence and stricter requirements for the five-star classification. The Nissan LEAF has also been named Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute focused on Highway Safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).

"The LEAF is the first Nissan electric vehicle able to obtain five-star general security," said Brian Carolin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc. "Not only is the Nissan LEAF coolest ride of the planet, but is also one of the safest. "

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Nissan plans car battery recharged by solar energy

The Nissan Motor Company has tested the electric vehicle recharging your Leaf using solar energy, an environmental path that is part of a comprehensive plan to improve electricity storage systems, announced on Monday told reporters.

The Leaf, Nissan, went on sale last year, but the automaker is projecting about five years when these aging vehicles and business opportunities can provide an alternative to the use of its lithium batteries to store electricity.

Nissan Motor Corp. Admitted that once imposed Leaf, a large amount of batteries could accumulate in mind that the battery is greater than an electric vehicle.

Electricity generation and storage has attracted general interest in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11 caused by blackouts throughout the Northeast. Nuclear power plant Fukushima Dai-ichi had fusions reactors after their generators were destroyed by the tsunami, also raised fears about power failures.

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Nissan Leaf: electric age

A little over a month Nissan opened to Spanish clients pre-booking period to purchase the Leaf. Spain is the next market in Europe to receive units of the zero-emissions vehicle after the beginning of deliveries in the UK, Netherlands, Ireland and Portugal. Japan and USA were the first markets in which it began marketing the Leaf in December and since then the power of Japan's total sales totaling more than 7,500 units.

To book a Leaf in our country simply have to access the web site for customers of Nissan (, and go to the Electrical section for setting the vehicle and ordering. This process requires a deposit, fully refundable, $ 300. Customers who make their reservation through the internet will have priority in deliveries, which will begin next September.

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Google updates its fleet of electric cars for its employees

As part of its initiative to reduce emissions of its employees, Google updated its fleet of electric cars, or Gfleet, with the new Leaf Nissan and Chevy Volt. This is just a new phase of a project born in 2007, when there was no electric cars, so that started with the Toyota Prius and a battery was installed A123 Hymotion to demonstrate that the technology was viable electric charge.

Gfleet is a service designed for Googlers can leave the Googleplex to run errands or other things without having to use your car. The idea is to encourage the use of buses provided by Google employees, who use biodiesel technology. The buses carrying workers to the Google campus, and if this is added the option of taking a car to leave during the day, there would need to go in the car itself. The new phase of the program includes 30 new cars, available for all employees to use them.

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